Thursday, July 27, 2006

Oh and some updates

So what's new in the life of K?
Not a whole lot really.
Uni's back this week, 4 good subjects, one dodgy one, last semester's marks very good (D's were better humph), best I've ever done!
Work's going along swimmingly, am now familiar enough with most people to actually have minor arguments with them , mainly based around the fact that I don't write someone off because they are quiet and I don't believe that being quiet means you have no personality. Why don't people just give others half a chance? Jeez....
Spent 4 days stuffing envelopes for the sales department as we are changing the hotels name shortly, 30 000 names on the database, and no I'm not exagerrating. It took more than 4 days to get them all sent out but I'd had enough by then and bailed out on them (feeling a wee bit guilty over that but seriously, should have been better organised and had more staff!).
Veggie garden area is cleared and ready for us to put the beds in, want to do it soon but D and I work all weekends (collectively) and uni times are inconveniant so we might just have to have half a day there and hope to get it done. Winter's running out!
So warm and Spring-like outside the last few days, been lovely :-)

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