Tuesday, September 5, 2006


Yuck, 2 minutes to 1am and I'm still up, awake and tired. I want to go to bed boy! hurry up and get home!
As usual nothing new here, I have no life most of the time. Long long periods of being dull intermittently broken up by exciting overseas holidays. Highlight of the day today was looking at my bank account and discovering that I've been charge $13 in fees this month, leaving me with $3.45. Cheers Local Bank, love your work. Reminder to self: must go back in and show them student card... again.
Still, the world works in mysterious ways. Found printing out notes at uni today to be beneficial for two reasons. 1 being I realised I know nothing and am fast running out of time to learn anything (which is bad), 2 being that the computer wasn't registering me printing out pages so I didn't get charged for any of them (which is good).
What is it about the second semester that leaves me so unmotivated?
Vegettabubble patch however coming along quite well, need to top up with soil and we can plant! Exciting stuff! Or I think so anyway, I realise most people are not of the same mind as me but frankly I no longer give a rat's arse if people think I'm weird. So what? This is bad because...?

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