Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Driving myself around is dangerous

So despite having my full license for about 8 years I have never driven on my own. Even with Husband-Dylan giving moral support, I hadn't driven at all in over two years or thereabouts. I have a 'thing' about driving, but my honours work requires me to do field work and I just couldn't do it via public transport.

Recently, I have tackled the wheel and starting driving myself around :) Firstly just from home to uni, my field sites are along the way ;) But as my courage increases, so does my range. I no longer want to throw up at the thought of driving on my own. Now I can get myself all the way to Marion (shopping centre) and today, I braved South Road and made it to Spotlight all by myself! This is not good for my bank account :P D is actually very patient in fabric stores but it was still good to go on my own, touch everything in store and wander about in my own time looking for inspiration.

Naturally, I got carried away and came home with things I didn't need, and without the zip I meant to buy. At the last second, however, I remembered that I wanted plain off-white cotton and frantically dashed back, arms overloaded, to get what I actually came for. I needed have rushed of course, Spotlight queues are always slow. At least the Edwardstown store provides benches by the cutting counters for tired grannies and frustrated small children; big thumbs up.

So anyway, came home with a few cottons in watermelon shades (voiles), more red cherry blossom Japanese print (I have some already, but hey, it was on sale, c'mon!), a plainish browny-cream with a pink stripe and lastly, funky retro printed voile for a dress. I have some of that already, made myself the most unflattering dress in the world out of it in an attempt to copy another dress - note to self: light silk flows over the bumps, voile seems to highlight them... - The irony is, the dress came out exactly as I envisioned, just not when worn! So will take that dress apart and make another one. Not sure what I'll do with the other fabrics yet, add them to The Stash for now!

I've also been waiting impatiently for a package from Japan from my favourite Ebay seller and yesterday it arrived at last! A gorgeous vintage grey/lavender woolen roll of fabric. The picture doesn't really show the depth of colour and texture in the weave, but trust me, it's beautiful. It's a lighter weight than I anticipated, that's the danger of buying from the internet. And it smells powerfully of mothballs! And that is the danger of buying vintage fabrics!

Speaking of mothballs... the cat has, very irritatingly, taken to using the space under the desk as her personal toilet. We are not amused. A friend suggested scattering the area with mothballs to put her off, as cats don't like the smell. Well, not this cat! We haven't tried the mothball trick yet, but when I rolled out the fabric to take a picture, the Little Rotter came straight over and parked herself on it. So I think I can safely say that the smell of mothballs is no deterant to this cat. But then this cat is quite unlike any I've ever met before. Don't worry, I rescued the fabric before she got her claws into it, or anything else untoward happened!

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