Friday, August 13, 2010

Before the storm...

There's a storm on the way, but I took advantage of a calm and warmish afternoon to get out into the garden again, SP sitting in her bouncer under the verandah with her Scrunchy Doll. I finally planted the potatoes I bought weeks ago (they're Desirees), four of them in my temporary vegie patch along the fence (it doesn't get enough sun I think, and I'm dreaming of raised beds in 'Ocean' corrugated iron), and two in two big pots which is a bit experimental. The pots are only half-filled with potting mix (and a dash of cow manure) and I'm hoping to be able to top them up as the plants grow, as per old-school 'pototoes in hill' method. After that exciting event, I wandered around in the dying light and took some photos of what's going on out there. It's getting warmer in the days, I think, it just not quite so bitingly cold and it's actually starting to feel like winter won't go on forever. So, here we go!

My snow-peas and broad beans are coming along nicely, and I was thrilled to notice there are going to be flowers soon on the jonquils I planted under the letterbox!

I'm not sure how well bluebells do in 'marshy soil' though, AKA that bit where the water-meter leaks (note to self: call water-people to come and fix it).

I did a spot of shopping at the nursery the other day, bought some Snap-dragons for old-times sake; a memory of my great-grandfather in England showing me how to 'snap' them.

Also bought myself some mints, creeping-thymes, and yet more seaside daisies to further the campaign to pretty-up the front garden. If you look very very very closely, you can see them as a few specks of green in the right-hand corner of the garden bed, near the blinding-white gravel (side note: gosh, we have such a cute front fence!)

But they look much nicer close-up.


(Creeping Thyme)

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Anita said...

You DO have a pretty fence K; I keep meaning to get some snap dragons and sweet peas too...