Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Spring is springing

Flowers! I have flowers!
My lonesome single baby tree (Ornamental Cherry, maybe?) has blossoms in amongst its thorns, so lovely. I'm leaving it right where it is, too.
Those jonquils I mentioned last time are almost open (Erlicheers).

And I blew the budget at the State Flora Nursery, buying 18 plants for the grand sum of $67. They're all Australian natives, and a lot of them are indigenous to my area. All ground covers, to add a bit off green under and around the roses. I think I need about 10 more to finish the area. As tempting as it is to show you all 18 plants, here is just a small sampling...

Fringe Lily:

Correas (I love love love Correas, and this one's semi-local, from SA but Kangaroo Island)

Hardenbergia (local)
Rodanthe (Paper Daisy), fell in love with this one, such a pretty plant. It's got soft green leaves, the flower buds are a glossy purple and the flowers are white. Hoping like mad it does well (partially because it was twice as expensive as any of the others)

In contrast to my baby-plant bargains, we've also spent a small fortune on the first of the fruit trees. We live two minutes walk from the local nursery (dangerous!) so we borrowed one of their trolleys to wheel our new babies home (Brown Turkey Fig, Moorpark Apricot, Thornless lemon [Lisbon?] and a blackcurrent)
The warm air over the weekend inspired me to hang up my Thai prayer bells on the front porch.

There is going to be a 'GIANT PLANT SALE!!!' down the road in one of the reserves next weekend, so I will be heading off, SP on my front, to see if there are any bargains to be had. Hope it's not too cold. Can't wait for spring so we can all start to thaw out.


MultipleMum said...

Your garden is looking lovely. I hope you haven't worn too much of a path between your place and the nursery. It is an expensive hobby! Thanks for Rewinding x

Anonymous said...

I love this time of year in the garden. Full of potential, with the smell of fressias and blossom in the air. Just beautiful.
Visiting from rewind.

allison tait said...

Ooh, love it! Have you done a follow up? Would like to see the $67 worth of natives looking mature and lovely.
Visiting from the Rewind.