Thursday, September 30, 2010


Some little sod has eaten two out of four of my Delicata pumpkin seedings. I went out to give them a drink this morning and found my poor plants. I thought, at least if the buggers are going to eat my plants they could have the decency to eat the whole thing and not just nibble at the stem so that it snaps off! BAH. I guess gorging on the first plant left no room for the second in tiny insect stomachs.

At least the other two are OK and I am busy drinking too much coffee so I can use the grounds as a caffiene barrier around them:

Today SP hung out on the grass while I did the rounds. I wonder if she'll be a gardener like her Mama?The broad beans are being pollinated by the honeybees.

Both the strawberries and the snow peas have their first flowers.

The bluebells finally have flower shoots too. I was starting to wonder if they were going to flower at all this year.
The coriander flowers look like lace. Even though I want the big pot, I'm leaving the coriander to it's own devices so that I can collect the seed and replant it.
Lastly, a little peek inside my kitchen. Yesterday on our way home from an ABA meeting (Australian Breastfeeding Association) I stopped by the side of the road and collected some wild freesias. Now the kitchen smells quite floral, but not as strongly as when I brought some of the jonquils inside.
They're very pretty with their creamy petals and sunny yellow details.

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