Monday, September 27, 2010

Everything is growing

Not so much to report today; just a few happy snaps to share:

These are one of the potatos I planted in big pots half full of soil; they are growing so quickly, quite amazing. Desiree, I think. The plan is to top the pots up with more soil as they grow taller, although I will have to look up how big they should be when you start doing that. I think they look kind of lush and nice.

Second photo, very exciting: broad-bean flowers and lots and lots of them! Very pretty with those dark eyes and grey veins in the petals. A few days ago there were only a few open and when I looked today they seem to have gone a little bit manic and taken off. I've only just got around to staking them. I had 180cm bamboo stakes and thought I'd cut them down to 60cm and when I was busy sawing them the saw blade shattered into three pieces! Bit of a surprise, no idea they were that brittle. I still have another row of beans to stake too.

Last photo, just because: SP on the lawn exploring the grass :)

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