Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's alive!

Back in autumn this year I planted a Fuyu persimmon by the house in the front garden, and then quickly followed it up with a Nightingale persimmon nearby (which I forgot to document in the Blogosphere). The Nightingale twiglet has done quite well over spring and has lots of lovely big leaves. The Fuyu treeling, however, I thought had died. I waited and waited and my heart sunk as my twig did nothing. I decided I would leave it in the ground until the end of September, and if it still showed no signs of life then I would take it out. Then as September's end rolled around, I figured I may as well leave it there until we got back from our trip and deal with it then.

Well, much to my surprise, my little Fuyu persimmon is just a late bloomer! I thought these leaves might have been from the rootstock (it's a grafted tree), but no, the graft is at the bottom of that painted white section, and the leaves a good two inches above that, so my baby tree is alive after all! Happy days!

Lots of gardening updates to come over the following week: stay tuned!


Malay-Kadazan girl said...

I thought that was fuyu persimmon flower at first. A strong one that one.

Hazel said...

I always shiver when I have to buy sticks to is just such a relief when they shoot!

hearts_in_asia said...

Oh Hazel, I did think of you and your new grapes! Did they ever reshoot in Spring?