Thursday, December 1, 2011

Just briefly...

Blogging world, I have not forgotten you, but the Internet at our house has forgotten how to work properly over the last week: today it decided to work at 11:48pm, when I had 'one last check' before I intended to go off to bed (of course, Murphy's Law, it did work and now I am still sitting here half an hour later instead of being curled up in my bed with babe and boy).

I have loads of garden photos to show you; since I have tidied up the worst of the holiday weeds it looks much better, but haven't got them off the camera yet since I didn't think I could get onto the 'net to share them. Since I'm not up to date there, let's just scoot back a couple of weeks to Thaton, shall we?

I didn't take masses of photos in Thaton on this trip, but here are just a couple of my favourites:

Flowers on the side of the road;

Feeding time at the zoo (there are actually two cats missing from this shot because they are shy of people and not as piggy as these five);

And lastly, SP making her 'monkey face' (she looks like a bit of a grumpy, overtired monkey in this shot...)

Summer's here! Bring on the tomato harvest...

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Hazel said...

That is one cute monkey!