Sunday, January 15, 2012

General Update

Too many things to write individual posts about, and none would make an especially interesting blog post on their own, so here is a brief update about what's been going on around here:

The tomatoes dried beautifully in the oven overnight. Halved tomatoes needed an extra day of drying, so I quartered the next lot and they dried much faster. I think we're going to invest in a real dehydrator soon, as I hope to have years and years of harvest gluts ahead of me, and I'm just not comfortable leaving the oven on overnight. And the taste? When eaten alone they are, as Chef D put it, 'not that nice,' as they are so intense, but I have been chopping them up and adding them to bread and that's a very good way to eat them and use up quite a lot of tomatoes in one go. Since the toms keep pouring in, my next job is to make and freeze a whole lot of Neapolitan sauce.

I am still trying to grow various things from seeds. The latest to sprout are a whole heap of red onions, and I'm making a last ditch effort to grow melons (Eden's Gem) before the season is out.

And on the house front? We have been painting at last! And that's nearly done, too (inside anyway). And the floor polishing guy has been in and is making our place sparkle, but no photos yet because we can't really go inside while that is happening.

And last but never least, despite her diminutive size, SP is cuter than ever and we are starting to consider 2nd birthday cakes! She has requested a bird cake, specifically :-)



Liz - Suburban Tomato said...

I've oven dried tomatoes before - the principe borghese ones (they're quite small if your not familiar with them) and they only took about four hours - but they didn't look quite as dry as yours - I kept them in the fridge and they lasted pretty well - my daughter absolutely loved them. they didn't have that strong a flavour to begin with which i think helped the end product as there was less flavour to concentrate.

Mrs Bok - The Bok Flock said...


I have to try your tomato drying trick, I have so many of them as well, I've been making sauce but sauce with lots of skins because I can never be bothered peeling cherry tomatoes especially those tommy toes.