Monday, September 17, 2012

Sort of, kind of, done...

The backyard garden plan, that is. It's not exactly a fabulous work of art - I always get carried away with colour - but I'm happy with it. I particularly like my 'North' symbol. I've never attempted any kind of hand lettering before, and I think I need to work out the best kind of pen to do it with, but it's not so bad. It's a thoroughly dodgy photo, I couldn't get it lined up properly so opted to not line it up at all :S And now that I've uploaded it, I've realised I still haven't penned in the names of the top plum (actually two plums!), nor the grape I've just planted along the eastern fence by the house. Still, enough self-deprecation, it's not bad, and if it ever ends up on my wall I'll take a proper picture then. By the way, the size of the trees etc is how I see them in about five or more years, not as they are now. Indeed, only about 85% of them are actually planted!



Jamie said...

Nice plan! Hope it all goes well for you.

(And you're right about the north symbol, too. I did a little garden makeover plan a while ago, and now I realise that what my plan lacked was a decent North symbol.)

veggiegobbler said...

Anyone who actually draws designs for their garden gets my admiration. Yours looks great.