Thursday, May 29, 2014

A sucker for a bargain

I was looking for a small plastic rectangular planter to grow cress in for the kitchen bench. I seem to have bought myself a 'Minigarden Vertical' instead. What can I say? $30 a kit, marked down from $99 (or $79, depending on where I look). Sold! I'll take two, please.

I have been interested in green walls for a long time, but most things I've seen for sale are not aesthetically pleasing (and neither is this, to be honest, not to me anyway, a bit too Plastic Fantastic), and would rapidly become outrageously expensive to do anything more than piddly, but for this price I'll happily give it a whirl. 

Why so cheap? Well, it looked like it might have fallen off the back of a truck... Literally, boxes ripped and squashed and barely containing their contents. I should have had 18 of the little round doflickies to hold it together, and there was 22, and one box had a mysterious set of screws and hooks in it (for...?) but hey, it's all fine with me because, as I said, I can't resist a gardening bargain. 

It's much too big to put in the kitchen. I am considering the laundry, but I think it will end up by the back door along with the rest of my potted plants where it will get sufficient sunshine (it's UV stabilised material). I'll be planting cress, water cress, lettuce and various other salad greens in it for now, mostly from seed. 

I'll update as I go along :)


Hayley said...

Love to hear how your vertical garden goes.imthunking of getting one or two, depending on the got a bargain. Love your blog.Hx

Katie M said...

Thank you, Hayley. Hope to see you here again :)