Thursday, April 6, 2006

Adelaide 09-02-2006

Well, we're back home in Adelaide. It always amazes me how quickly you settle back in. We go away, see all these amazing things, have amazing experiances and when you get back home it's as though you never left.
We're feeling the cold a little, it's supposed to be 35 degrees today (I'm sure it's not there yet) but I'm in jeans and a long sleeved top and thinking about getting a jumper. Maybe it's because it's not humid here, and although the humidity in SEAsia sucks when you're not used to it and I thought I hadn't adjusted maybe I did more than I thought.
Another thing I'm finding a bit weird is that its so quiet here at night, and during the day as well for that matter. No insect noises, no traffic, no animals rustling in the night. Asia - at least the part I know - is always noisy. I've had to put the fan on at night in our room because it feels so eerie. Give me a week and I'll be back to normal.
I've busied myself hanging up the bits and pieces we brought home with us, filling and sewing our thai-style cushions and catching up with family and friends.
We dropped over 50 rolls of film off at our photo shop at uni, almost giving the poor woman a heart attack when she saw how many there were. She gave us a good discount tho, just as well because it's going to cost a fortune!
In a matter of weeks we'll be back at uni and back at work and this will all seem like a distant dream with only the photographs to prove we ever went (that, and my badly depleted bank account ).

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