Thursday, April 6, 2006

Kuala Lumpur 16-12-2005

I wasn't going to write an update but figured what the hell, it's the middle of the day and too hot and sticky to go wandering right now so sitting in an internet cafe in the airconditioning seems like a better option.This particular cafe is 'No Gamers' so for once I'm not being deafened by the sound of violent computer games (yep, I'm still stewing over the violence thing).
We are in Kuala Lumpur in Peninsula Malaysia now. We have already noticed one subtle change here from Borneo... the food is quite a bit hotter! Not quite needing to lunge for a bucket of water but definately feeling the bite of chilli and the old burning lips sensation we have been missing for so long.We are staying in China Town in an old colonial building with enormous windows (and a street light right outside unfortunately). Our room is very basic, yet another one with twin beds instead of a double and shared bathroom (spotless, yay!) but in the hallways and along the stairs and in just about every spare space of wall there is some quite amazing artworks on display which makes up for the twin beds. They also have free tea and coffee and the guys that run this place are far too cool, long haired and listening to reggee and old rock so overall this place (The village) has a nice feel to it.
Last night we caught the train out to KLCC station (Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre) where we ogled the Petronas Towers which looked like jewels in the night, we were thouraghly impressed even if it does come from oil money (BAH HUMBUG). We wandered through the shopping center between the towers feeling very daggy and broke (had just about every fashion brand name there you can imagine) and walked along what has to be the world'd longest corridor (felt like it anyway to tired feet) to find the aquarium where we are going tonight. Dylan will bemoan the cost I know (the entrance fee will be more than double the cost of our room, the mind boggles) but I've insisted. I love aquariums! And this one is very very new so it should be pretty cool (it better be anyway ).
We caught the train back to China Town and managed to get very lost for a good half an hour before we figured out where we were supposed to be, word of advice, NEVER trust a map in Lonely Planet, they have a nasty habit of leaving out quite significant roads, having them go on when they are in fact a dead end and just generally being misleading. So that's about it, soon we are going wandering to the bird park, butterfly and deer gardens, and the hibiscus and orchid gardens and they'd better be bloody open this time otherwise I'm going to get seriously annoyed!

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