Saturday, April 15, 2006

Ho hum 15/04/06

We'll here we are again. Bored mindless, can feel brain cells dripping out of my ears.
It's easter weekend, D is working working working. I'm sitting at home on my bum being unemployed. More than 2 months without work, eep! Still, no one's fault there but my own cos I've made no effort to go and get a job yet. ALTHOUGH I did drop of my resume at the old Rad last tuesday, shock horror, gasp, what is the world coming to? My gut says it will come to nothing and my head says why the hell do you want to go back there to work anyway? Short answer is $$$, and the fact that I have none and I'm tired of watching pennies and never having anything nice anymore. Plus of course we want to go OS at the end of the year again and it'd be nice to actually be able to do something about it. Love might make the world go round but the axel is greased by cold hard cash.
Stopped taking the pill the other day, first time since I was less than 13 years old that I haven't been on the bugger. We will see what we will see. But no babies yet! Unless of course something happened, and then we will see something else entirely :P
Been a bit of a loose cannon these last few weeks, started taking more anti-depressants in an effort to keep the downers at bay. Oh what fun depression is. Laugh? I laughed so much I cried, again and again and again.

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