Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dreaming in colour

I've spent the weekend dreaming about gardens, and colours, and paint... I had a little revelation recently: I love colour. Now, that probably doesn't sound all that dramatic, does it? However, I have spent well over a year thinking about our house, about modernizing our house, trying to work out how to make it a canvass for our lives, and drooling over sleek and modern photos in sleek and modern magazines, and thinking neutral, neutral, neutral, don't let things clash, it must all be seamless and stylish, etc etc.... and then, like a blast from above: Why do you want to make a house that would sit happily in a magazine? How is that reflective of the kind of life you want to lead and are working towards? Isn't that somewhat boring? Where is the spirit? So, then, the next question must be: how to introduce lots of colour without it looking too garish? Well, maybe, forget the house, the kitchen, the lounge, the bathroom, and, as always, focus on the garden instead.

I have been playing with some ideas about colour in the garden. I can't find anything on the WWW that shows what I'd like to do - an original idea? Unlikely! - I have found loads of pictures that are reflective of the kinds of colours I have fallen in love with, so on this Sunday night I'll share just a few of them with you.

Source: via Katie on Pinterest


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Lyn said...

I couldn't agree more about the neutrals! And those photos are gorgeous. I really love the spiral path that looks like a board game. Going to explore more of your blog now.