Friday, September 9, 2011

Poor Poss!

FIL has been busily removing the old wall cladding on our little cottage, and the stuff under the eaves too, and look what he found when he took out the piece from the corner of our bedroom!

Actually, I must confess I didn't take that photo. I found it on the Internet over here, at a gallery by Ákos Lumnitzer. My own photo, frantically taken by my phone which I happened to have in my pocket, is of a blurred furry possum bottom with white-tipped tail retreating into the distance along the fence. It's a cute bottom, though.

So as I was saying, FIL was taking off the cladding/ceiling stuff from the eaves, and as he pulled down a big piece he found a little ringtail possum, and the remains of it's grassy drey, sitting petrified in the middle of the board. It had frozen on the spot - as you would, if your house suddenly dropped out into daylight beneath you - so he was able to carry it down the ladder and take the whole lot over to the shrubbery, where the creature sprang back into life. He (or she) paused for a few moments to take stock - while I snapped my picture - probably thinking 'WTF just happened?' and then trundled away into the neighbour's yard (he picked the yard with all the bushes and trees, so a good one I think). But now I'm left thinking poor bugger, where is he going to go now? and that train of thought takes me to thinking about possum boxes, and where could I put one or two since we have no trees (yet) and if I put a box under the eaves would that tempt him back into the roof? - which we don't want since possums wear boots at night and go dancing - but maybe I could put one under the eaves of the shed which has no ceiling for a possum to build a nest in ... and so on. I really think that humans should be making spaces for wildlife to live in, since we've taken so much of it away already.

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