Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Coming up roses back yard part 2

A true garden diary entry, just pictures and notes! 

New garden section up the back, progress shots. 

Western side. 

Eastern side

Dwarf pears, cordon-planted winter 2015. 

'Beurre D'Anjou'. 


'Beurre Bosc'. Half the size of the others, obscured by Chicago Peace rose, and a penstemon I might need to move. 

Crocus rose under plums, David Austin, transplanted from front garden to back and much happier: first flowers in four years!    

Pretty Jessica, David Austin, buds been at this stage for days, will they open at all?!

Cornelia, hybrid musk, sprawling at this time. 

Blossomtime, small climber, bargain table buy. 

Long shot under the plums. 

Moulineux, under the plums, David Austin (I think, cutting grown from MIL's garden) 

Jessika, planted this winter. 

Bloomfield Dainty, hybrid musk

Paul Bocuse, I'm calling it: he's a favourite! But why are all the blooms at the back of the plant!?

Gruss an Aachen, smells sensational. 

White Wings, flowers are enormous but short lived. 

And lastly, not Red Pierre, which this rose should be, but the rootstock which is gorgeous and I'm going to let be after Red Pierre never took off (even before the rootstock took over. Is it Dr Huey? I'd have to look it up). 

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