Monday, October 5, 2015

Pond revamp

Dear Huey, I am not impressed with the weather, please get your act together and save the high temperatures for summer :/ 

Meanwhile, I photographed and then completely neglected to post photos of my pond revamp from perhaps a month ago. I'm shifting the old bath out from behind the retaining wall and reclaiming that as garden. I've invested in a whopping great terracotta pot for the new pond. We painted on some kind of black, tar-like (in appearance, consistency and smell) waterproofing gloop on the interior, and plugged up the hole with concrete (I say 'we', I mean I got D to do it). 

I made a 'basket' from chicken wire for the lotus so that it would fit into the pot, along with a pile of cow manure and some extra soil and water-plant fertiliser tablets. 

My helper 'helped' as usual. The only plants in there are the dormant lotus (please come back, lotus!) and a nearly-dormant water lily. 

We piled a whole heap of broken terracotta (ex-plant pots) on top of the soil to stop it all floating out. Then, filled it up with rainwater, popped in the fish from the old pond, then sat back and waited. The lily has just sent out a few new leaves with this spate of hot weather, so there a plus at least. Mostly however, right now it's growing very un-photogenic algae. 

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