Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another wild visitor

Years ago, when D and I lived in a unit nearby, there was a small pile of bricks in our minuscule backyard and in those bricks lived a sleepy lizard. He would come and hang out by our back door when the weather was warm and a few times he wandered right inside and had to be coaxed back out again with the gentle application of the broom.
On Monday it was lovely and warm, the warmest day in months and months. It got up to 30 degrees Celsius and we luxuriated it in. When D looked out the kitchen window, which looks out over our driveway, he spotted a blue tongue hanging out on the concrete by the drain. There is a broken section there, we discovered, a perfect little hideaway for our scaly friend. D called out to me to look, which I did, and I said hello to our fellow resident, who crept half back into her home when I approached too close, looking at me warily out of her slow blinking eyes. So I left her alone to enjoy the sunshine and went back on with whatever I was doing.Cue: a startled shout half an hour later from the bathroom. Evidently our lizard-friend had thought that since we'd taken a close look at her home, she should take a good look at ours. She'd come in through the laundry, the kitchen, the hallway and into the bathroom. Quite a trek over concrete, lino, and carpet, and she was investigating the clothing tossed onto the floor. It took D a good 10 minutes or so to persuade her to get into a box so she could be taken back outside and back to her drain, but not before a few happy snaps of course.
It's like history repeating, but I'm calling this bluey a girl because she's fat around the middle :P

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