Monday, October 25, 2010

Penang 3

We have splashed out today and gone the full buffet breakfast. SP had a ball with fruit and steamed red bean buns; that child would eat papaya until she exploded if we let her. Today they're playing pan-pipe music over the speakers, but I wonder if they missed their market as all the South Americans that were here for the 'Love the Earth' conference went home yesterday. I think the Kazakhstanis that were here - there were dozens of them - might have gone too. I will miss them, they were loud and wonderful and played water polo in the pool incessantly.
We have taken the easy route and arranged a car to take us to half a dozen sights today, doing the full-tourist and going to the butterfly farm, the spice farm, the fruit farm, and any other farms we can think of along the way. This mid-range travel experience has been eye-opening. I can't help wondering how much easier life would have been on all those other back-packing Asian trips - is this our sixth trip now? - if we had occasionally spent a bit more money instead of being so budget obsessed.
Yesterday we went out the botanic gardens which was nice, but all the special exhibits were closed, as per usual Dylan-and-Katie-Style. There were monkeys of course. We saw some long-tailed macaques, and some other lovely dark creatures with very long tails and pale snouts and white rimmed eyes (leaf eating monkeys maybe?). However, SP was by far the most interesting thing in the park if the behaviour of the other visitors was anything to go by. Lucky it was D in the centre of this, I would have been very edgy. SP took it all in her charming-stride of course.

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