Friday, October 8, 2010

More garden ramblings.

Did I mention that I've planted a couple of my trees? I can't remember because it's quite late on a Friday night and my brain stopped functioning within five minutes of putting SP to bed. Anyway, the Moorpark Apricot and my Mulberry treeling are finally in the ground, taking their spots in the lawn (such as it is, mostly mowed weeds). They both got planted into the soil with generous scoops of compost (out of a bag because mine's not usable yet), cows'manure, blood and bone, and this expensive 'mulch 'n' feed' I got talked into by the man in the nursery. Then more mulch 'n' feed on top, then peastraw (still to come on the mulberry, quite hard to get anything finished in the 30 minutes allocated to you by a sleeping baby).

Here's my beloved apricot right in the middle.

And of course, my little mulberry. Not the best picture, with the leaves blending in the background, but you get the idea.

In other news: I have a fruit! My very first snow pea. It's only about an inch long but I am disproportionately excited about it.

The bluebells are flowering and here are the obligatory photos, Such a lovely translucent violet to them. And check out the rose bushes behind: they have gone mad!

And finally a gratuitous cute shot of SP helping bring in the laundry. Only seems fair since she creates so much of it!

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