Monday, October 4, 2010

How nice.

I found something sweet on the ground today: an pale blue egg shell speckled with brown, blown out of a tree nearby after the bird hatched and landing in my yard under the washing line. It's paper-thin but much more fragile. I can hardly wait until SP is old enough to share my excitement at such precious things.

On my travels through Etsy I found this simply lovely 'Robin's Egg' set of nesting bowls by Alina Hayes ( Tempting, tempting...

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AJ said...

You just reminded me of the egg shell we found on the way to the library yesterday. R and I were going to take it with us but decided it was too great a risk of breaking it. We put it very carefully against a telegraph pole so it might still be safe to collect on our way home but then came home on the opposite side of the street, totally exhausted, and forgot about it!
Hopefully it is still there tomorrow.