Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's all about balance

So, here 'tis, that retro industrial 'item' that tickled my fancy at the trash 'n' treasure shop the other day (more trash than treasures, to be honest!). It's tag called it a 'balance board', though what it really is I have no idea (Google gives me nothing). It might even be something someone has created that has no real purpose at all. But who cares? I thought it was fun, and a little bit tongue-in-cheek, though probably not to every one's taste.

It needs some love, a good dusting for a start, and a bit ironically for something with 'balance' emblazoned in yellow across the front I think it needs a border to tuck it into itself a bit. We're going to box up the back of it (as the dials stick out quite a long way behind) and put it on the wall when our new room is finished. It might look a bit more like this dodgy MS Paint number I whipped up.

And while we were at this place, D was very taken with a pile of old servo numbers they had, so we bought two of them, and they'll go up on the walls as well. They're so bright!

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