Saturday, July 23, 2011

Not quite snow

Yesterday morning it was very, very cold. Now, we do get light frosts up here in the hills at MIL's house during Winter fairly frequently, but because I'm not an early-bird (at all) I hardly ever get to see it. But yesterday there was still frost all over the ground at 10am, ample time for me to get dressed, have my coffee etc, then go for a wander out in the garden with my camera.

This first shot was taken out of the window by D, because he didn't want to go outside!

Apparently I am made of sturdier stuff and I went out and got closer...

...and closer still. It looks a little like ash after a fire, I think.

We could only hope the frost might knock off the soursobs. Ha!

But the ferns and grasses with their lacey garlends are so beautiful;

and look how the frost covers the raspberry leaves, but not over it's veins. I wonder why that is?

Something a bit special and rare for me, who would think that Winter could be so lovely?


Kim H said...

Gorgeous! I love winter. It's so pretty in so many ways, especially the frost of plant life. Thanks for posting these lovely photos. Am about to have more of a wander around your blog. Thanks for stopping by Feather & Nest xx

Chookie said...

Lovely to look at, but it's that whole "cold weather" thing I don't like!