Sunday, July 24, 2011

Winter rainbows

Isn't this glorious? Sunny rainbow chard :) When I planted it as seedlings I noticed that even the tiny roots of each plant were brightly coloured.

Red, pink, orange, yellow... Brilliant in the stems and extends right through to the leaf veins. Pinks and reds have darker burgundy leaves, and yellows and oranges have bright green leaves.

I chopped it up with the first of the spring onions out of my vegetable garden. The 'red legs' spring onions have a pink blush on the outer layers.

I made a frittata with it all. I took photos, but deemed them far too ugly to share. Frittata is not such a sexy looking dish! But the rainbow chard is certainly very photogenic. You never see it for sale in green grocers, I wonder why that is? I bet people would buy it, attracted like magpies to the artist's colours.


HAZEL said...

Chard is one of the prettiest vegetables I can think of....and yours is perfect.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Your chard are so beautifully bright and colourful. We don't have yellow ones growing. I have not even seen rainbow chard in any produce swap meeting too.