Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Front garden

OK, at last I have managed to get a picture up of the rough draft of the front garden design! (Click to enlarge.) Now, it's a photo of a hand-drawn piece, so the quality is not that crash-hot, and I have already fiddled with a few things so it's not correct in any case, but you'll get the idea... I hope! I'm not really a garden designer of course, but I think it looks OK on paper (that's a trap, probably, just because it works on paper doesn't mean it will work in real life!) It shows the trees as I hope they'll look in five or more years from now, and it doesn't show every single plant that will be in there, but only the more structural elements.

Basically it goes:
1. Persimmons
2. Roses (and all other swirly blue bits too)
3. Existing street trees, Eucalypts, from WA I suspect.
4. Native groundcovers and small plants
5. Upcycled concrete paver path
6. Lavender hedge (Hidcote)
7. Lomandra 'hedges'
8. Dodonea small trees/large shrubs
9. Ornamental plum.

The top right section by the house is shaded day in, day out, year round, and is a bit soggy as well. I'm not really sure what to do with that part just yet, but I'm sure to come up with something over the years. I have photos of my nature strip takeover here, and you can see a few dodgy photos of the front-yard-work-in-progress over here. I've been trying to take better ones, but it's surprisingly hard to photograph all in one. I will persist :)


Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Wow a very good sketch. I can only plan in my head which soon be forgotten once I sleep and the plan change again next day.

Chookie said...

Boggy shade -- some of the Dodonaeas like that, and the Lomandra might. Tea-tree? Or you could have a little fern gully.