Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weekend house and garden round-up

Lots 'n' lots going on out there at our chilly hill's cottage over the last few days:

The aloes we'd pulled up months and months ago were just slobbing it in our yard, getting in the way. I'd been muttering about putting them up on Ebay or Gumtree for sale, before realising that I really wasn't going to be bothered and who was going to pay for a bunch of daggy old aloes anyway? So we put them in a box out by the gate, and within a day they were gone, so now I have a clear conscience about getting rid of them and hopefully someone else will get a nice little succulent feature in their yard.

I got around to potting up my little fig trees and pomegranate. I've not yet decided where they're going to go exactly, or even if they'll stay in pots or go in the garden, but at least they have homes for now. They don't look like much at the moment, these wee plants, but give them a few years and watch them grow. A bundle of green weeds makes a nice green mulchy blanket for baby plants, don't you think?

The broccolini had flowered after the heads became too aphid infested for me to consider eating and I've let it all go for ages because it's so pretty and fluffy. I've since cut back three out of four plants to see if they'll have another round of edible heads, but if they do this time I'll be watching and will try out some of the anti-aphid methods I've been reading about. I left broccolini #4 with it's flowers to bring insects - hopefully beneficial ones - into the garden.

I've started moving the roses. This shot shows roughly where I intend them to go in the front garden leading up to the front porch (decorated with renovation mess). I've marked out their new homes with piles of compost and manure. The first five roses were moved this afternoon before it got too cold to continue. The green fuzz over the soil is a green manure crop I sowed recently - very late - although I'm not sure it will get a chance to do much work before I dig it up again to put more little plants in (I get cheaper plants at my new job, WOOHOO!)

Look, how cute is this girl? She's a blueberry, and she's covered in flower buds even though she's only about 6 inches high!

And last but certainly not least... more walls! Very exciting, as you can see by SP's face :P



tenille-help-mum said...

Blueberries are lovely plants aren't they? Even when they aren't producing fruit. It hasn't been quite cold enough here yet, but I'm hopeful for a frost.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

I feel bad too when I have to get rid of my excess seedlings or self-seeded plants. Especially if I know many people willing to buy them in the nursery like our self-seeded celery or flowers. I scoop them and bring in to swap meetings. Now you gave me a wonderful idea, I might just copy you and put it in front of our drive-way entry for anyone interested.

The Sage Butterfly said...

I like the location of your new roses...that will look very pretty. That is so nice to have blooms on such a small blueberry plant.